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it does not mean you cannot have structure in your garden.  What is structure?  Most people think of patios, terraces, arbors, etc.  However, I am talking about evergreen plants which provide year-round "structure" in your garden.

This consistent structure helps provide a backdrop against which to showcase more ornamental plants or give that cohesiveness a garden needs to prevent chaos.

This week in Alys Beach, I could not help admire the landscaping as it evoked a simple elegance.  Not fussy, not busy - just clean, concise plantings which complemented the architecture and enhanced the properties.

Let's take a look at some favorites…

Rosemary made a wonderful foundation planting at this house.

A classic urn with a solitary planting.

Several "green" spaces were throughout the property.


Yew formed lush hedges 
between the Palm Trees along the main boulevard.

I love how containers are incorporated into
 the Rosemary hedge here.

Who wouldn't want to relax by this fire pit
bordered by low evergreen hedges?

Another Agave makes a statement
 in this terra cotta planter.

While not evergreen structure,
I had to include these driftwood horses galloping
 through the ornamental grasses!

Palm trees and the amphitheater green
provided a great backdrop for this
statement Christmas tree!

Asiatic jasmine ground cover and
Angelina succulents in hypertufa planters border this patio. 
Evergreen hedges frame and separate the space 
from nearby property owners.

OTHER EVERGREENS included Wax Myrtles and Hollies for large hedges, Confederate Jasmine for climbing vines on doorways and trellis, and a variety of palms as foundation plantings.

Just because you are at the beach does not mean you cannot have a structured evergreen garden to enhance and complement your property!

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